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Horses did not know this would happen descendant of the sun ratings

Descendants of the Sun moment ratings 40.9%

Descendants ratings of the sun 40.9% It has renewed a record of.

물론 평균 태양의 후예 시청률은 31.9% Song Joong-gi, but this time based on the metropolitan audience naked scenes in the military 40.9% It established a remarkable record of.

Simultaneous gandae Goodbye Mr. Black 5.1%, Come back is an incredible value compared to Uncle 3.3%.

태양의 후예 시청률

태양의 후예 시청률

Day descendants of the sun ratings 40.9% The best one minute is accounted Shrine Seo Daeyoung boss was the scene just to see the uniforms and dog tags of Song Joong-gi.

Leave the bag indeyo scenes look at the military dog ​​tags and put out leaves to rescue the Khmer As per the ratings of its descendants sun metropolitan standards 40.9%, And it recorded the best ratings on a national basis and 38.3%.

KBS2 첫사랑
▲ KBS2 First Love - choesujeong September 1996 to April 1997, Park Sangwon, Bae Yongjun, Lee Seung-yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Hyeyoung Cast
MBC 사랑이뭐길래
▲ MBC love mwogilrae November 1991 May 1992 Choi Minsu, Ha Hee-ra, Lee Sunjae, Kim Hyeja, Kim Seyun, Yun Yeojeong
SBS 모래시계
▲ SBS Hourglass January 1995 to February 1995 Choi Minsu, Ko, Park Sangwon, Lee Jeongjae appearances
MBC 허준
▲ MBC Huh November 1999 to 6 January 2000, jeongwangyeol, Lee Sunjae, citrine, Park Jumi, etc.

1990In fact, in the absence of cable TV programs iteotneundeyo also the ratings exceeding 60% KBS2 first love 1997 65.8% That pulled the two highest-rated MBC Love mwogilrae 1992 64.9%, 1995SBS years Hourglass 64.5%, 2000Huh year MBC 63.7% And the like.

태양의 후예 시청률

Recently viewers various channels can be seen in the drama become netizens are enjoying the growing milking room through the Internet is the medium 60% Single audience is in fact impossible to think.


But the descendants of the sun is writing a new history of drama. But the moment that ratings are handed over to 40% of the audience think it really was terrific.

The descendants of the sun to be broadcast in the 31 days unfolds Song Joong-gi action for obtaining the Song,.

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