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The story Seolhyun girl Kim Gura

Radio Star Seolhyun gaze robbed

AOA installed Prefecture was devastated the Radio Star.

The last 30 days one Seolhyun appeared on radio star is the faint uncle brought to the public a charming dance.

Day broadcasting haetneundeyo appeared that Seolhyun namgoong min Yi Dong-hwi yunjeongsu woman guest to have been concentrating all the attention to appearances as Seolhyun alone Seolhyun.


Inde Seolhyun haetneundeyo is the absence of'm phones that use the mail so your phone debuted four years there was talk for one year only thing that should not have a mobile phone only won his debut five years ... ... OMG… ... is.

When Seolhyun is haetneundeyo say that twice about replacing the handset in a month because the contact often come to know that you replace your phone number. Seolhyun really been amazing to know how to call a phone number geolkkayo ... ... I'm wondering.. But he surprised me if all this comes to replace the phone keep in touch.


Radio Star Seolhyun phone number public standards?

Seolhyun is because "a lot of friends in fact asked about the criteria indicating the cell number, Have your say The Telling "haetneundeyo Kim Gura said this is" part is changing the phone, "said eotneundeyo water Seolhyun this is" whether you know the phone number of the Park Myeong-su I thought ... ... "Now that the faded late Kim Gura said," Let him, "said haetneundeyo So Yun Jongsin is" to pay filtering will come suddenly featuring dont Contact. Say no to ol gotta EDM "made everyone laugh.

설현 댓글


Seolhyun made every day in the Internet search haetneundeyo horse sees his name the way a little bit malicious comments, saying many more malicious comments seonpeul the dalrimyeon happy now, does not care much nerve to write confessions fact that the wound is not well received.

설현 포스터가격



설현 여자김구라

Yun Jongsin is haetneundeyo said that the Seolhyun posters are sold in about 10 won from this sale site is Seolhyun “The original price was 30,000 won” Told us. 설현에 이야기를 듣던 윤종신은 “Also search for it cares” Yun Jongsin said that is a Seolhyun “Kim Gura four women -” That made me laugh all.



라디오스타 설현

Also Seolhyun is not intended to pose to pose on billboards explained that "one would have to show the appearance Aura contains'. Seolhyun famous pose from improvisation to not pose the billboards are intended Lani really surprised.

The Seolhyun was looking for men MC neundeyo Seolhyun introduced the attractive dance day and guests are all like someone put a mental line.


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