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Guillaume Patry Song broke the real reason is minseo?

It is also one of the previous limit values ​​strangers. Work the way you think the work the company asks that insufficient sleep in the bus, and who would you knew that there are people today who said the dinner bulgeum the collapsed bridge hanging daerong daerong. The very holy bridge collapse accident in 1994.


After a while things like this can not be predicted, it is the reality of the world we live in.

People who like or love the person to die even meet new people break up over time and again to love another so alive.

Yiyeotda indeed look good couple.

기욤패트리 송민서


But while the goose bumps affair in the broadcast call ileukyeotji jealous viewers Guillaume Patry Song minseo two men in the eyes of Guillaume Patry overlooking the Song minseo looked like a real couple's sweet really is reportedly still.

But as the surrounding things that hurt two people Guillaume Patry Song minseo two people should think very hard to.



송민서 기욤패트리 결별

The public interest in the move to the sports broadcaster in jalnagadeon a handsome mask Guillaume Patry was already a star is dating the news and sent minseo electrolytic As Guillaume Patry Song minseo two are so hot unable passed. Now nonhamyeo moment two people were forced to choose a chair that broke the wrong thing that I do not know whether the wound again.

기욤패트리 송민서 결별


송민서 기욤패트리 결별

Hair is neither seeing whose fault. And two people have enough love in the two cases is really yiyeotdaneun words and actions of each other at the time we thought it was to do with the couple now and Guillaume Patry Song criticized by jyeotdago minseo that hair thing I think is not the right thing.

In addition, it was difficult with the two men toward a man speculation and accusations made love two people break up in the end Maybe these are accusations and speculation?


From this moment, the most difficult is the two people immediately Guillaume Patry Song minseo. I condemn and you feel a sore sprouting faster than the ahmulgo saesal criticized Maybe sincerely think that we have to do is send a support.

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