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Wonkwang sake Baptist crooked apple freshman welcome party

Wonkwang sake Baptist crooked apple freshman welcome party
Wonkwang makgeolli was baptized Apple articles published. Bring roots to exercise the sake of controversy among students in Wonkwang University has released the Baptist apples and rice wine articles. 먼저 아래 사진을 봐주시기 바랍니다.

The vehicle is in walking the road where the road seems to spread a blue tent on the ground that I'm sitting lined up the students wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts give you all head down.
These students another student carrying rice wine in one hand and a sprinkling scene over the students head.

This practice is now indeyo the 10 students admitted to the University for fresh practices that may leave a painful wound can not forget at the same time continuing to fall self-esteem.

In the same geolro with students dressed in shorts and short-sleeved t-shirt will iteotneun jilgeol know these things happen in advance.
Catapult a picture of the problem as a story that spread through the Internet naohmyeonseo involved in some controversy to the professor of Wonkwang sake Baptist spread.

The Wonkwang Language Education Council is about as public posts of explanation and apology that has been held the event as well as the brutality exam format so long ago as a freshman professor at reception sake baptism did not participate.
If the problem is the fact that the offender is determined that harassment would think it was a shame mentality of students who received the baptism sake, not beaten, but also I think the brutality?

What is truly welcoming new students each year come back college freshman season, leaving indelible scars reception is for a college freshman college difficult in a number of harassment and the three applied under nominal as we will have to think again.

Rice wine is drinking alcohol is not rooted to the person.

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