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Haitai Lim Chang-yong

KIA joined Lim Chang-yong wholly donated 300 million won annual salary

KIA joined Lim Chang-yong wholly donated 300 million won annual salary

Lim Chang-yong had returned to his former team KIA Tigers. Lim Chang-yong will join the 27th that it has signed a contract with KIA Tigers.

According to the KIA Tigers Lim Chang-yong it has agreed to bear 27 days late last night joined the contract on 300 million won annual salary. The official agreement will be signed as soon as the current Lim Chang-yong Online personal training in Guam and returning said plans to meet also directly coordinate future events and then joined.


Lim Chang-yong is gonna reportedly said the hagetdaneun means the total amount donated 300 million won in annual salary for the contract with KIA will also continue to expand the talent motivation balhyeotdago meaning donations.


Lim Chang-yong is he looking forward to it, "self-restraint and reflection, and it can stand on the ground, Low "and" Share a word of thanks for the opportunity given to the nine KIA is able to play baseball again, really pleased, County baekuijong through ball without any need to say, and told his fans that would like to seek forgiveness that had spent a lot of love and support. ".


Promotion of high school in Gwangju Lim Chang-yong is his debut as a professional athlete to join the Haitai Tigers in 1995.

Lim Chang-yong sent after joining the first year I was made a myth of invincibility Lim Chang-yong in most group 2 undergo a rigorous training under the supervision group 2 gimseonggeun director at the time. 1996A 20-year-year-old Lim Chang-yong is haetneundeyo digest after 135 innings in 1997 I built a big ball team to raise over the regular season, one which was digested more innings than 125 innings a digest of the Sun Dong-yol 1993. After recording a Top 34 saves in 1998 and went on past nine won the youngest king in the 22 years age.


After undergoing the Samsung Lions, only salaries between 1500 and 2007 Yakult in Japan two years about 100 million yen agreement on the 2400 finals in Japan and ten thousand won, Hanwha. Yakult transferred during Lim Chang-yong is I'd recorded his first save entered Japan I have a great working as a finishing team pitcher when the first game of the opening of the Yomiuri Giants and 2008 but pitched into the third pitcher while climbing the very next day, finishing the emergence of finishing Ryota Igarashi day caught his first strikeout was just a player Lee Seungyeop.


Lim Chang-yong after a major expansion into the US in 2012 signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs. Since September 5, 2013, the right-handed setup man named Michael Bowden assigned measures and Lim Chang-yong was promoted to major.

This is a Lim Chang-yong is a major league player in the Republic of Korea was the 14th. Since December 3, 2013 was released to the non-tendered after the appearances in after an exhibition game re-join at the invitation pioneering eligible for the Chicago Cubs neundeyo never have been relegated noryeotjiman a minor to a major re-entry as released in the subsequent nine returned to Korea Samsung Lions It has returned.



After re-released as Samsung in the past Good for the degrading incidents in 2015 suffered the hardest time for Lim Chang-yong at the age of 40.

The finished home team and former team the KIA Tigers hold back the hands of Lim Chang-yong Lim Chang-yong was to stand back to the ground.


And Lim Chang-yong is one stand despite the brilliant career and trials from the youngest to the oldest Major League nine won the King was back on the ground Maybe a passion for baseball.

18To play in a year back home to the team this year, Lim Chang-yong, only to see wish you only the best.

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