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The first point to enjoy haeeohwa

The first point to enjoy haeeohwa

The last film of the parasitic haeeohwa Korea Han Hyo-joo

Movie haeeohwa is becoming a hot topic. 1943In a green top stories of the last works of the Joseon parasitic kkumkkwotdeon singer. Haeeohwa is weird kind of way I'd refer to parasitic and yes, meaning "flower of understanding the words."

해어화 Kkumgu the singer in the last haeeohwa parasitic soyul the shipbuilding played by Han Hyo-joo. Yeonhui station played by Cheon Woohui.



The film haeeohwa expected to bring new fun watching a movie that you can see the appearance of a wonderful spreading hanbok are the best actors. Hogang eyes while watching the haeeohwa is ttanon dangsang.

해어화 한효주

해어화 노래

해어화 천우희

In haeeohwa Cheon Woohui Han Hyo-joo and I'd have emerged as a Friend irreplaceable in the last of the most hard-parasitic schools 'Daesung gwonbeon' shipbuilding soyul called the best towing a stunning beauty and exceptional singing(Han Hyo-joo)Yeonhui with the voice sounded a chord(Cheon Woohui)It appeared.

영화 해어화

해어화 한효주

Yoo Yeon-seok is also trying to Le songs that touch the heart of the Korean eowoo the hearts of the people in the station yunwoo compositions soyul want to sing the song of yunwoo starring as the best contemporary composer, is a singer, not a dream Towing.

한효주 천우희

But yunwoo is gradually immerse the chance to hear the voice of the yeonhui soyul yeonhui and becomes a different choice to take up the "heart of the Chosun '.


Points will be enjoying the movie haeeohwa is a nice point to enjoy the right to haeeohwa admiring the colorful hanbok and girls Yangjiang and unique hairstyles of the cast separately from the fun and the film as a story before it.



The haeeohwa Han Hyo-joo is the work of director bakheungsik, Yoo Yeon-seok, Cheon Woohui, April 13 will be coming to Park Seongung peripheral opening.


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