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Kim Museong

Kim Museong struggle rainbow six candidates destiny

Kim Museong struggle rainbow six candidates destiny

Kim Museong has rainbow struggle, leaving the candidate registration hours.

Kim Museong representative of the candidate registration deadline for the nomination is pending local decisions have a press conference the past 24 days, it said it would open as the highest authority of the dangdaepyo not 25 days to 6 pm.

Since Kim Museong representatives came down to Busan chinbak The system did not conceal his embarrassment.

▲ floor leader Won Yoo-chul is the highest seen for an emergency requisition from the Supreme Council convened the 25th meeting each morning saenuri.

Won Yoo-chul down directly to Busan floor leader Kim Museong to meet representatives Representative Kim Museong, but to attend to the current top level and I am up to Seoul on the 25th will be the day of the Representative Kim Museong stamped in one chapter nomination is still unknown Amuro.

▲ Ryu Daegu donggueul, Buk-gu, Daegu gwoneunhui Party,Ryu Seonggeol Daegu same age senator election candidate registration for the 4.13 to 25 am and entered the Independent Election Commission gu, Daegu.

Representative Kim Museong has been adhere to the position that I can take a stamped any decision to focus the attention emerge from the highest to the highest chapter before the nomination meeting.


Kim Museong by the fact that the representatives of the official seal stamped with the current resolution is pending in Seoul Eunpyeong(Yujaegil) Songpaeul(Yuyoungha), Daegu same age(Jeong Jongseop) The East(Yijaeman) Attainment(Chu Gyeongho)And the cod aqueous courts have suspended the nominations to effect procedural issues(Seon) 6There is no guarantee that the candidate who is elected.


No matter if that cod, which once took unconditionally guaranteed, but the 20,30,40 for the table only going to No. 1 is because.


In addition, the approval rating of the existing clinics which will run as independents in these areas is because you do not feel good to be winning the No. 1 candidate.


The yujaegil, Yuyoungha, Jeong Jongseop, Yijaeman, After the supplementary budget, such as voting the candidate of the five regions have been held through the Wednesday morning Parliament press conference, "Kim had expressed their vote reject the highest committee of the five districts arbitrarily ignoring the decision of the Nominating Management Committee" and " this is no legal basis not bujeokbeop would be "haetneundeyo criticized that Kim Museong representatives after" parties in accordance with the provisions take a saccharide and representatives stamped using storage unlawfully made it impossible for officials Nomination "and" violate the right to vote, voters it is very serious and strongly criticized the serious violation of constitutional issues, "said representative Kim Museong.

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