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Kim Museong as a representative of the rival jinbak no nomination

Kim Museong as a representative of the rival jinbak no nomination

Kim Museong-gu, Daegu Party is representing the classification of 24 days per saenuri held areas had been discussing whether the nomination,Eulgwa Dalseong, Seoul Eunpyeong, He would reveal no nominations for such songpaeul.

Kim Museong was not representative it can jinbak the candidates running for these areas revealed.
While the last one 23 BHS lawmakers and legislators Ryu Seonggeol defection is one such situation as there is no possibility of winning candidates per constituency saenuri the situation is even higher.


Representative Kim Museong said the will is determined to no nominating for these areas held a press conference at the company on the 24th afternoon, it will open up to the Commission to discuss them until the 25th.



이재오 탈당

Dangjeok withdrawal and change of election candidates nominated by non-determination of the representative Kim Museong is available until midnight on the day before the 23 days before the candidate registration begins. The BHS Ryu Seonggeol legislators and lawmakers, including state is quitting the party saenuri last 23 days.



Depending on the decision of the non-nominated Representative Kim Museong-gu, Daegu ABC Jeong Jongseop former Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs, All of yijaeman donggueul East Daegu Mayor, Chu Gyeongho former Prime Coordination of Dalseong, Yujaegil Seoul Eunpyeong, Songpaeul yujaeha candidate etc. It maintains dangjeok per saenuri will not be able to run the chapter does not receive a nomination.

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