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Yijaeman nomination for BHS per withdrawal Eastern saenuri

Yijaeman nomination for BHS per withdrawal Eastern saenuri

BHS senator fell and ended up quitting the party saenuri party saenuri.

BHS lawmakers do not receive a nomination from the party saenuri until past 23 pm 12 Shishi Independent candidacy is also impossible a situation would put this BHS lawmakers in the last 23 days their constituents 11pm after visiting the house of cod daemyeongdong mother Daegu Dong yonggyedong office in opening the press conference it was declared a tangdang per saenuri.


유승민 탈당

BHS lawmakers declared bolting said, "I will run for justice," he said "The moment to leave my beloved home a long while recourse to the constitution.". Following BHS lawmakers "are shown per appearance for the nomination now, until this moment, This is not defined. Not a democracy. This is not common sense and principles, "said" shame criticized the anachronistic political revenge, "he saenuri party.





Saenuri party is haetneundeyo like the 24th final nomination candidates announced yijaeman single candidate in the eastern cod jiyeokgueun of BHS in yijaeman candidate Senator served as the last Mayor of Daegu Dong-gu in 2010, Hanyang University School Dr. acts.




The defection of lawmakers who saenuri party lawmaker is Ryu and Lee Jae-oh, Ju Hoyoung, Lou was a lawmaker after another seonggeol taltang Kim Taehwan before lawmakers and johaejin, Gwoneunhui, Ansangsu, And while lawmakers ganggilbu Yun Sanghyeon bolting to a total of 11 patients per clinic because the clinic was quitting the party saenuri saenuri These are citing the number of full consciousness was reduced to 146 seats majority collapse.



새누리당 탈당의원

19For the total members of the National Assembly is currently a majority of seats in the 147-seat 229 people is.

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