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Cheoksa light is prevented confrontation

Cheoksa optical anisotropic not confrontation and showdown muhyul way aft end

Cheoksa optical anisotropic not fight a duel with muhyul way aft end
Yukryung leave the last inning Narsha cheoksa optical anisotropic muhyul not unfold the way aft is the ever-class duel.
In the last 21-minute broadcast is visiting yibangwon whether to save the nations in crisis muhyul goes before me, only to leave yibangwon.
To wit minutes of yibangwon is out there is from den nameless cheoksa The light appeared to beorineunde bear all the nameless Cooper goes beyond them to the Gentiles that the light cheoksa.


Also yibangwon minutes and avoiding the spot to see the way Tammy muhyul a duel of muhyul road and stern begins to emerge from this seat.
That is yukryong geotinde all adhere to the best of Narsha gathered in one place I cheoksa optical anisotropic support and confrontation seems to be the way muhyul stern confrontation offers the most spectacular sights like a yukryong the last inning for Narsha.


Muhyul way aft is not already pushed to the power to the road again in the stern Millie Dunn muhyul the last 21 times the force at the time I'm hanjeokyi confrontation rather made a stern look that way I pushed the power of muhyul.



Show the way Stern withdrew the scene behind the coup muhyul week eotneundeyo look into the history muhyul're the Chosun first sword, so of course muhyul road and stern confrontation that rise to Section naegeumwi to the latest entourage of King Sejong is the end of the day with a muhyul victory the fact that it looks yukryong Narsha cheoksa it is light and not the nations confront the unknown consequences.





Carefully If you ever notice the ending saved the cheoksa light and muhyul is Saijo muhyul the cheoksa light in relation to each other lives equator and and anisotropic magazine mentor haetneundeyo cheoksa light won the disciples when first appearance look into this situation, the nations not cheoksa optical confrontation, try to think that ends up in victory cheoksa cheoksa light beam and muhyul Maybe this is unfolding confrontation or anisotropic light cheoksa not win the battle cheoksa light is born again and would cheoksa light ending suddenly disappear.

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