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I'm the victim! Amy street assaults fell ER line

I'm the victim! Amy street assaults fell ER line
Amy is staying in the United States shocked to disclose the assault Photos.
Emmy is you that I'd fallen in the past nine days the streets of LA, USA rushed to the emergency room. As currently it is known and being in a state of shock, According to Amy right side of the head that causes a lot of violence at the time of being in shock and, He said that the current state can not properly speak.

에이미 폭행사건
Amy is currently staying in the United States neundeyo reportedly staying at home with Amy's been known as the home of Amy's friends hwangmo Mr. Koreans, Who assaulted Amy was known to be the wife of Mr. Hur hwangmo.

에이미 미국
Amy is John jyeotneunde assault happened at the home of Mr. hwangmo staying in the past 8 pm Amy, The situation that is currently Hur and Amy argue with each other eotgalrigo.
According to Hur it was argued the case on the day her husband returning home to drink with Amy, Beolyideon out of the shower after a quarrel with her husband and her husband, Amy picked up at the time of her husband's condition was naked, her husband is nagging severe. Kids and good Rakiura "he told Hur is why watnya example of our spaces," said've been claims that once a struggle in the course of the struggle Hur Hur and Amy are claiming that 'much lighter milchin'.



It'd also Hur is that large and small problems while Amy can stay Hur and Amy's husband left for a drug you are taking, and ask to buy luxury bag argue that eating commotion woke up a child up.
In response, Amy haetneundeyo say, between the familiar bear so many friends and business partners and also their mother and Mr. hwangmo and events and claims that drink the day and drink hwangmossi.

Also staying in the second floor a couple of hwangmo seeds for assault Amy is there to stay on the first floor was that the couple's son ran to me to come, you give me dry "on the second floor at the time I went up to this second floor couple and a struggle. Let's say you itgilrae malriryeo them angry wife started beating yourself.

에이미 미국

Amy is said to have a nose broken in our case, where several injured body says that you have got a one-sided beating fact that the police three people came.


Hwangmossi of bystanders have preached that there was a problem between the couple from day one Amy Hwang staying in the house.

The Police said the case of Amy and Hur are commanded to appear before a court next month on the 15th Polar Turner status.

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