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Chao Lu Got Married Cho Seho married jackpot Feeling

Chao Lu Cho Seho has appeared as a new couple on We Got Married.
Recent trend indeyo Chao Lu Chao Lu really like the most recent one hot
Lu Chao woogyeol new couple first met Cho Seho has been giving just the two of us a wedding gift and wedding photos.

Chao Lu, saying haetneundeyo boyigido a little disappointed, look at Cho Seho with the first meeting enabled the "My ol because" I decided to accept her husband Cho Seho.
The saying goes that good comedians in an awkward and Korean Broadcasting Chao Chao Lu Lu's not even think I just look too fun, try to foresee the Chao Lu couple Cho Seho hit a combined tax favors.


To to shoot the Chao Lu Cho Seho is a wedding photographer in the day, broadcasting a wedding dress, but Chao Lu while Chao Lu dressed in a white dress I have a wedding shoot with Cho Seho broadcasting continues novelties giggled are beating their heads "spirit this figure speaks up, saying, "Let neundeyo too cute to stand up two people trying to take pictures Chao Lu Bo was it took a picture with a look that off your shoes to match the Cho Seho with the key off this tax mislead shoes.

Chao Lu finished shooting the wedding, she says wants to go back to inform both Cho Seho 's getting married, we just sipdamyeo. The Zhao Lu Cho Seho couple who I'm moving into a cafe


This is where Cho Seho was I that before the gifts prepared for Chao Lu Cho Seho is neundeyo allowed us haetdamyeonseo much trouble Want some gift the wallet there were instance, so the tax favors pictures Deng Chao Lu photos more came out better than the real thing he said sajinbal receive. This is Cho Seho I say look there to find one that's more rather Hull -! Which will contain the Jackpot Card. With this said Cho Seho is sseujago when saying the check card itdamyeonseo example, the actual money to meet our. The Chao Lu is so much joy and example continue if he asked Cho Seho, he said he heard 300,000 won.


Chao Lu haetneundeyo Gift ideas for your hair to leave the pocket made directly to Cho Seho
Chao Lu bwatneundeyo asked if de Which hair heart to Cho Seho, saying that traditional Chinese Bangs, Next to the head, the back end, Parietal Where Let's say nyago like about Cho Seho is haetneundeyo say they would crown this Chao Lu So I say directly cut Cho Seho was I saying cut more Let's crop Hold the hair one says 30 cut thereto Cho Seho should not surprise surprised. So too haetneundeyo and cut Lu Chao has abandoned sakduk cut hair, holding bunches not directly put the hair in your pocket.

Cho Seho let's worry about that hair cut so much fun were the Chao Lu refers to a Wi-Fi dalryeotdago head.
Chao Lu anatneundeyo Cho Seho from the first extraordinary meeting and we look forward to the next two people hit in woogyeol.

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