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A descendant of the sun Jingu Kim Jiwon the first meeting with the sad love

A descendant of the sun Jingu Kim Jiwon the first meeting with the sad love
The first meeting of the Jingu Kim Jiwon was released. In the past two days, the descendants of the Sun "was drawn first meeting of the Jingu Kim Jiwon.
The two descendants of the sun from the first broadcast iteotneundeyo Jingu Kim Jiwon and Kim Jiwon only guess the two stories of the last TV Jingu people relations have been organized.

The Descendants three-minute broadcast of the sun Kim Jiwon is going to look for his father Kim Jiwon and Uruk troops to wheel load sheets to prevent them look to see Jingu left the troops were drawn into Uruk.

Jingu left the troops in Uruk is the letter I'd found a bottle of Fulda on a parcel from Korea, which Kim Jiwon has sent a letter to the Shrine. Jingu out all the letters of Kim Jiwon in the full gift of troops parcel will see what Kim Jiwon to the troops are coming Uruk. Kim Jiwon, the letters of "standing firm gift is my way. I would like to see every day,. Unity "Shrine to present this information yieotneundeyo of the Song Joong-gi" "Song Joong-gi said that the" Yun Myeongju troops Ona view was amazing said you mean here. ".



Kim Jiwon The Uruk IMHO sawitgam that the wheel load envoy Zhang father in this place I'm visiting Yun heavy thinking to see the troops are Song Joong-gi Kim Jiwon said, "Seo Daeyoung(Shrine)Saying only it becomes difficult Seo Daeyoung(Shrine)Gave counted my will remain as a soldier, "I'd like this is Kim Jiwon" That Seo Daeyoung boss because it's a real soldier because I loved the people and that is why you can not miss, "said," If the film again eusimyeon Lieutenant Yun Myeongju, Daughter'll lose all rooms Yun Myeongju "he says refers not to block the Uruk troops.
But the love of two people Jingu Kim Jiwon is formidable so I unloaded the two people meeting just to have my father's not being Shrine Uruk troops working in South Korea reported a return command.
Kim Jiwon's Shrine of the Uruk did come to a situation to go back to Korea.

Love is indeed regrettable.



In addition, the broadcast day, the first meeting of the public would put Jingu Kim Jiwon
The first meeting of the Jingu Kim Jiwon Kim Jiwon is two watched the training of the Shrine was first begin by saying something.
Kim Jiwon to the Shrine, which tied a backpack colleagues trained the "geonya is chiryeo first place I leave I stand nine poker a girlfriend wedding to plate" "but also comrades love anyway go uigasa proper uniforms took off not there," said he ask Shrine the Shrine eotneundeyo replied, "yes.".



Since Jingu says being on vacation it rides Kim Jiwon of placing the ignition in the car to go to the wedding of ex-girlfriend is raised to hold car backseat uniformed Kim Jiwon is he such a saying can make go to the wedding more disheartening thing as professional. Then Kim Jiwon will ask me one thing I'd like to suggest that people Jingu dating to his father instead that follow the wedding.

There Be father and forced to marry their Song Joong-gi was Song Joong-gi is telling you do not like to take off the uniform, while the face-to-mouth Kim Jiwon ground in white dress sphericity're shaking like a heart.
This Jingu Kim Jiwon two fateful meeting would put the beginning of the chapter, but the Father wheel load of association opposed the meeting of the two men visited the Shrine saying not to meet with Kim Jiwon started the painful love of two people.
Shrine to see the Uruk troops coming Jingu Kim Jiwon and have to go back to Korea as the father of the two interfering Sad Love Is The tension and the idea of ​​becoming curious thing than my own love story Song, Song Joong-gi ^^

Cheering love man can not love a person acting Jingu Kim Jiwon and two people in love.

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