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Bankruptcy night with sword cosign

Bankruptcy night with sword cosign
Be one night responds drama sword appeared in 1988 as a genius Monarch articles conveyed the unfortunate news of bankruptcy cosign.
Because of the sword broke disgrace night cosign the current age of 23 years I know a little shocked yieotneundeyo soksajeong is indeed a pity I feel.

박보검 연대보증
Night Sword father earn money while last night and Sword 2008, the father was 15 years of age would put bitter for his father cosign while borrowing Businessman 300 million won from lenders eopeotjiman the bakbo black money at the time a young age started after the entertainment activities I was in debt to the father woke up gradually increase to 800 million won in 2014 neuleonatdago.

박보검 파산
The night sword Let's start making money in entertainment activities Loan companies in haetneundeyo he demanded that the night sword is repaid light instead of his father as a guarantor this bakbo Black refused saying "poor you can not sense the light." The lawsuit by the end of the court 2014 the now raised.


At the time bakbo black "MD junior high minors followed his father also received a loan, I did not even me set up as a guarantor, "he said," There is no solidarity warranties "I'd had argued that this Court faces a foil sword repay some of his father lights the remaining amount is bakbo black crystals Dropped my recommendation for settlement to receive forgiveness accept this in December 2014 naetneundeyo bankruptcy disclaimer apply light compared to income can not possibly pay too much eopeuni him to light significant relief will apply a. At the time of night, but he appeared bogam is a supporting role in the film drama was unknown age.

The court haetneundeyo suggest mediation to face repay the 30 million won and then proceed to indemnify review on whether to how much relief a light accepted the bankruptcy filing last March foil sword remaining debt is to give forgive all The lenders will accept it It broke the night sword was known all over September last year,.


We're now on the air foil sword was postponed in light face had such a hard time ... ...
Meanwhile, the government abolished the age haetneundeyo guarantor for the last person in 2013, but repealed the previous warranty is a good debt repayment obligation for the remaining.

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