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This is because of a speeding taxi Jeong Ga-eun

This is because of a speeding taxi Jeong Ga-eun
Jeong Ga-eun had an explanation for pregnancy before marriage. Jeong Ga-eun is gonna appeared on tvN talk show scene taxi last day announced that it would get married before a planned pregnancy.

택시 정가은
Day broadcasting will marry in April and coming actress Jeong Ga-eun Lee Huijun has this model appeared Lee Hyejeong.
Jeong Ga-eun has explained confirm the ultrasound picture in obstetrics and gynecology at first appeared to haetneundeyo showcasing MC Yeong-ja Lee Jeong Ga-eun posted in January wedding had a child before marriage because my husband is a word. Jeong Ga-eun is said to do so he said that the "bridegroom Let us marry the baby has" The Jeong Ga-eun.

정가은임신 정가은임신
Jeong Ga-eun age of 39 sera was also saying that there is a lack of folic acid formation is difficult to become pregnant In Jeong Ga-eun's says that a steady intake of folic acid and have a baby I succeed.

Jeonhaja the pregnancy news to her husband Jeong Ga-eun gave you a hug husband said thanks. Jeong Ga-eun has "had come over 10 use the pregnancy test at the time," it "was in fact deliberately speeding. "Haetneundeyo said, but" this was resolved in one shot he adds hasyeoseo former father seounhae yet marriage was not ".
Jeong Ga-eun is "can have enough healthy children 39 Say," he said "(Elderly woman who)At me knock out the power, "he said.

Look like a happy married life of Jeong Ga-eun laden broadcast throughout the happy smile will be handed down intact in the face.
The model appeared with Lee Hyejeong indeyo day is going to raise the April wedding comes with Lee Huijun confessed that the marriage first because airline miles.


Lee Hyejeong is supposed to be said that sseusyeodo kicks with lots of miles in travel during Father was ready to do this honeymoon confessed, saying that for a marriage to be the first to write a family with mileage.
Lee Hyejeong has built a happy smile and "it is more accuracy and touched married when the marriage rather than a wedding.".

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