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Jessica into China starting in earnest

Jessica into China starting in earnest
Jessica seems to be the real start of my activities in China.
Agency co Liddell Entertainment, Jessica is the 2nd large media group in China(News - tiles and domestics)Neundeyo said he has signed a strategic alliance with.

Tyler ticket agency representative Jessica has said that "is expected to be able to help Jessica Chinese market effectively and grow through a broad network and know-how of the news tiles accomplished.".


News - tiles and domestics are established to identify the artist against the news media and the tiles and indeyo artist management company co-founded the media domestics around the world and foster global artists and to support strong growth in China, local artists.

And accomplished media President yanming Liu said that "nose Riedel enterprise and Jessica believes could be propagated within diverse cultural content in China" News Tiles Media CEO Wayne Wang's "News tiles media for faster growth of the Chinese market Entertainment and aims to integrate resources worldwide in distant areas, Through this partnership we are confident that Jessica could be the most famous artist in China, said that ".

According to Jessica, four belong to the side, "this partnership to realize their creative ideas and passion of the artist as a reality, We will try to help the world to invest and support the work that can be appreciated. Enjoy a variety of activities and pace of artist Jessica different, "he said.


The membership of the four co Jessica Liddell Entertainment representative Tyler Kwon am known as the boyfriend of Jessica put the headquarters in New York Korean American businessman co Riedel group CEO. Pop star Jeff Burnett performances of Korea and nose Liddell group merge album last year acquired a company with a clear business volumes was reportedly trying to start a full-fledged entry into the domestic entertainment business exclusive contract for Jessica.

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