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One piece single-core toward the descendants Kim Jiwon Shrine of the Sun

One piece single-core toward the descendants Kim Jiwon Shrine of the Sun
In the last 24 days the first broadcast new KBS2 TV drama 'Descendants of the Sun "was Kim Jiwon started the sunaebo smoke toward the Shrine to reject his love.
Kim Jiwon Yun Myeongjun has served as Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Army Ranger Station overland from the beauty of the sun from the descendants of the Father.

There is also a relationship with Kim Jiwon in his only descendants of the sun as the only daughter of the commander of Army Ranger Song, doknyeo, Two people together while interning with the Khmer boyfriend like Kim Jiwon was started akyeon.
Shrine that is loved by Kim Jiwon is neundeyo school played a role of supervisor Seo Daeyoung who love Kim Jiwon in the eyes of the Shrine, but I seem to recall a step does not jump back to the status and rank of reality.


The sun descended from the first broadcast of Kim Jiwon's Jingu I misunderstood that hospital emergency rooms and found dangeoleume towards the Shrine pushing the Kim Jiwon "just dont hear any voices”He said telling Jingu(British books)Says, "There is no feat to explain the mind has changed mind has changed.".



Kim Jiwon to turn around the Shrine is the tears. "Do not do that," he is telling Jingu gone around. Kim Jiwon is a cold voice, "The British stand firm. I cry your former CO is called together senior Ghanaian nor salute and "The Shrine will continue to do so means to stay standing and Kim Jiwon, saying the salute does not take the salute.

The first descendant of the sun broadcast starring Song Hye Kyo Song Joong-gi, but sphericity and Kim Jiwon love of two people equally starring appearances in large proportion seems to be the point of view point to watch the descendant of the sun.

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