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Kim Minjong stalking women's detention charges

Kim Minjong stalking women's detention charges
30 women stalking the actor Kim Minjong must have been booked without detention.
The woman dudeurineunga when the door of the house was also Kim Minjong Kim Minjong break the front LCD intercom neundeyo Gangnam Police Station of Kim Minjong House burglary, 30 was Mr. Kim Minjong a woman stalking a wealth songoe accused Huang said that all booked without detention.

A woman stalking Kim Minjong Kim Minjong According to the police is accused of he did not open the door to damage the LCD intercom on his mobile phone pressed the doorbell and pressed the doorbell I'd visited the apartment dong Kim Minjong.



I'm shocked that women are known to be claiming that he is a lover of Kim Minjong in police Huang Mo is not one stalk stalk Kim Minjong Kim Minjong in October last year to this is not the first time that the penalties awarded.


Indeyo events that caused excessive attachment and affection for artists is to bring an action entertainer or dislike the opposite sex that they would like to suffer, but I love him like this stalk can be punished by law..

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