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Choeilgu former anchor cosign prosecutors investigating

Choeilgu prosecution on charges of fraud investigations around the anchor
MBC choeilgu former anchor and he's all there is under investigation by prosecutors into alleged fraud.
Choeilgu the former anchor and Mr. indeyo all the problems that I wrote to borrow money to cosign.

While the latest case of a parent's second-hand shop in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province and a former anchor choeilgu accused Mr. Mo as the fraud became known.
Acquaintances and all seeds choeilgu former anchor's approach to the outermost parent seed as eight Gyeonggi Icheon hobeopmyeon forest 43000 ㎡ allegedly unpaid borrow 1,225,300,000 won from April 2008 to December 2010 you get.

Also it choeilgu former anchor has been known to write to cosign in the process.
Mr. Mo said that haneungunyo introduce ourselves as a representative of the publisher introduced as husband choeilgu anchor..
Choi parent who revealed he "best before anchor can turn came to introduce that to Ko's wife believed the outermost front anchor I know I lent the money later was not a couple," the "racking it says Choi is the common-law relationship with Ko keep money was a lend, "he insists.



The choeilgu anchor was already cleared from the disposal of the police investigation to be "good friends to the dating warranty”He said, "but first I introduce my wife got to tell my wife not to be a month behind”I said that.

Choeilgu former anchor I have a past bankruptcy in 2014 during choeilgu former anchor 4, 2014 not otherwise have had the regenerative application in November bankrupt in 2014 after brother is a rival stood in solidarity warranties in the business tteoango of 30 billion won debt Field Applications.
Why minutes of straight forward news, as if I do not hear hwimalrineun keep these broadcasters.
Guarantee this is really home networks give a written part.. TT. TT

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