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Lee Yo-won drama "ukssi namjeonggi 'return

Lee Yo-won drama "ukssi namjeonggi 'return
Actor Lee Yo-won return to the home theater in two years. Lee Yo-won's comeback is coming first broadcast on March 18 as "ukssi namjeonggi 'JTBC geumto new drama.

이요원 욱씨남정기
"Ukssi namjeonggi 'is haetneundeyo public notice of the exciting video title is the secret of the survival against the gapjil notice the drama, such as cider, which represents the' a 'cramped feelings and the drama that has been in the news before broadcasting.

In ukssi namjeonggi Lee Yo-won from the movie to appear in the "Comunidad friendly 'Station of the nature of Innovation and abusive Lee Yo-won is a mental armor characters' ll pass divorced and others flat something one third to the youngest director of a cosmetics company called Golden chemistry is cool nature often blame Comunidad Comunidad affectionately referred to as the.

욱씨남정기 이요원



Lee Yo-won goal was to marry at the end of the devotees in 2003, two years is to give birth to her second son in 2014 and 2015 after the father of her first year as 12 April packing assumed to be the mother of three children.

Park Jinwoo is known as a professional golfer husband, President and businessman Lee Yo-won is known as a good-looking appearance to the key of 180cm.
Lee Yo-won's "ukssi namjeonggi" After the first shot. "In the meantime I wanted to try challenging role yiraseo did not try, Attracted, "said a funny story starring a comment.
Meanwhile, ukssi namjeonggi 'is the Chemie Yun Sanghyeon Lee Yo-won of the end plate of the petty kings namjeonggi station fit to breathe with Lee Yo-won is expected.

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