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Sung Hyun-ah Court can not destroy farewell finger pointing

Sung Hyun-ah destroy farewell cleared disposal?
The Internet is abuzz Sung Hyun-ah destroy the farewell news of the Supreme Court.
Sung Hyun-ah incident began when informal accused signed a sponsorship agreement 'against the last fountainhead A black businesswoman with Mr. Sung Hyun-ah, and in 2013 received a fortune. Sung Hyun-ah This is sponsoring contract with intercourse was charged the full court said is not true.
Takes a long time, eventually the Supreme Court gave the example of a hand-Sung Hyun-ah.

18One Supreme Court Sung Hyun-ah I have been sent to 50 million won returning the case to break the centrifuge was sentenced to two million won fines on charges of having sex with the Suwon District Court from A businessman who can not see why a ruling that a prostitute.
The Supreme Court said neundeyo difficult to view sex as proceeds of about Hyeon-a Seong Hyeon-a Seong that has consistently claimed that his wife had sex in a trial yet, even if sex is not seen as a meeting yieotji sex marriage with Mr. A premise.

The court in the doctor Sung Hyun-ah is presented as evidence that the water for the A's against marriage to that claim to have won the time of remarriage opponent acquaintance and intercourse regardless of whoever is people with wealth to help with their economic and receive gratuities a seed has met with us that it is difficult to conclude.
The last 18 days did prove the innocence of his father "son of Remembrance of War" has ended in the course Seo Jinwoo father neundeyo unpacked, but found not guilty chagrin world Sung Hyun-ah this is also the case, try to think that eventually would get cleared disposal.


If the case is disposed of to really get cleared Sung Hyun-ah How would he unfair meantime..
In some of the Sung Hyun-ah was married only three months after the divorce, in this case also the point at which those who saw the situation happened a few months before remarriage after a divorce, but people are not all the same.
Married men and women are kigo a fire in the snow at a nightclub booking and secondary,3In a number of men and women engaged in a car Rouse calmly returning home we can not point at blah blah moral absolute to Sung Hyun-ah.

Who feel lonely are those who have not suffered anxiety you think you do not know how much is.
Think of the anxiety about the loneliness I think she caught doengeot Maybe in this case, and the appearance is that of a mature public support to the mother to raise them hanah.

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