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Kyuhyun Yang Sehyeong public apology reconciliation drinking shots Certification

Kyuhyun Yang Sehyeong misunderstanding relax drinking shots Certification
Kyuhyun was Yang Sehyeong Loosen the public misconception certified shots to drinking hamkkehan.
The brother of Yang Sehyeong Yang Sechan is haetdaeyo "two of a drink through their SNS in the last 18 days. Kyuhyun would have this many troubled minds two minutes along with the text of friendship wish to Eternity "was released photos taken with Kyuhyun Yang Sehyeong.



The picture appears to be drinking the background behind Kyuhyun Yang Sehyeong is a picture of the look that fun watching the camera.
Kyuhyun Yang Sehyeong is gonna look like in the MBC 'Radio Star' aired last Wednesday the 3rd issue broadcasting Yang Sehyeong and brother Yang Sechan, Jangdoyeon, Baknarae appeared to be made secure channel with four special friendship and unstoppable ipdam.
Yang Sehyeong day is revealing the heart to seopseophan Kyuhyun Kyuhyun This is the attitude of the audience came up as an issue of ipbangah.

Yang Sehyeong is close Heechul type(Kim Hee-chul)We asked the public got your friend's wedding in the social expression after Kyuhyun said to be the haengsabi Finish, Kyuhyun and friends handed five million won several chapters to come pull money without envelopes.



The Yang Sehyeong said he did not buy him a drink, and then the public friends there next dwaetdamyeo get a little yes to give the money without putting in envelopes to buy a cup of sake and far.


The Kyuhyun is said to be 50,000 won note 20 was saying whether the wedding at the time Yang Sehyeong friends who were with watdamyeo a ceremony in seconds taken look like one the other day drunk look who's too was a 'jeohyeong only meonya one wedding "his position haetneundeyo say that even perplexed by the end of Yang Sehyeong tell Kyuhyun had said wrong, "I refuse to make the low-end," he laughed all.


Since then broadcast the conversations Yang Sehyeong Kyuhyun became controversial after the two men and the drinks seem to have reconciliation.
Since Kyuhyun want to say I'm sorry that's frowned upon for many people in the audience, "the last broadcast on" Radio Star 'aired on the 17th. I was too embarrassed to look the look. I will try to be careful to say that in the future, "said an official apology.

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