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Yuyuan SNL Korea 7 comeback

Yuyuan SNL Korea 7 comeback
The Yuyuan Garden SNL Korea in eight months 7 을 통해 방송에 복귀한다.

After the controversy of the Yu Yuan Lee Tae-im in the eight months he was suspended, and broadcast Tae handeut any public apology to significantly effect to the Yu Yuan.
Yuyuan Garden is the last neundeyo opened his mouth for 15 days from the issue of Tae Im teaser video of the public M2 Yuyuan report any apology from the SNL Tae Tae appeared to be a direct left a letter.

"That's Yu Garden. Please doesimyeon time ever phone call'll wait”He left a letter that said call came that night. Tae hear any voices bright Yuyuan thing is also said that the idea haetdamyeonseo sister geoguna jotahjin bureopgi.

Since Yuyuan mothaetneunde not know it at the time to see the first video for the controversial video it 's getting shorter to say after watching the video, I'm so, and I had a look that look and shook his head, saying, "Ah-ha".


I think he'll secretly, saying, feelings told in advance that you're sorry, go back to the situation said I think the tears came bulhyeotda.

Abusive controversy since the most difficult person to send the Yuyuan Garden and Tae Im Tae any two people was gonna apologize and then Yuyuan Looks like between the jotahjin re having a hard time, like the word rain dwittang eojinda gut is well survived the Yuyuan Garden and Lee Tae-im applause.
The Yu Garden is coming back to TV with the MC of the new program M2 will be joining SNL Korea 7 are first broadcast 27d Lee.

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