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Park Bo-young appeared in Wicked to shake Mentor

Park Bo-young appeared in Wicked to shake Mentor
The actress Park Bo-young and starred in Wicked as the children shook mentor Sam. Park Bo-young has haetneundeyo attend the 17th morning Mnet 'Wicked' press conference Park Bo-young has said, "because this little, but not enough musical knowledge called the OST" "under the program appearing deal worries are common," said about Wicked appeared in and Lee Park Bo-young haetneundeyo the end of the Wicked appeared that the burden lack of musical knowledge

Followed by Park Bo-young's "Kids today do not know he is a good shake. If children are found growing concentric decided to appear at the end of a troubled jotgetdaneun think, "he said.
Indeyo music program starring Park Bo-young Let's make the Wicked "magic castle" 2016 edition, which is intended to also quite mesmerizing mind of Wicked is the opportunity to create a magic castle, a favorite for all ages.


As well as the Mnet music program that would also look out for this project, but recent air, In both of them are holding a muk-bang Cable TV spot I want to send a project of this fresh Wicked also to applause.
The cast of Wicked Tiger JK, including Park Bo-young, Yoo Yeon-seok, Composer Yun Ilsang, Busy spreading such information is a creative shake charged with active appearances I'd like stars have appeared together children with talents in various fields.



The 18 participants selected from Wicked children are spread out and the competition instead of the line without falling off, such as survival to that final winners are awarded with the Award of the Ministry of Education Scholarship.
When they Child Survival eliminated think I could be liable for injury Looks programs written many nerves Moro bearer to.
Wicked Park Bo-young appeared to be coming first broadcast on the 18th Mnet and tvN.

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