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Yui Lee Seo-jin marriage contract saebom MBC drama lineup

Yui Lee Seo-jin marriage contract saebom MBC drama lineup
Actor Lee Seo-jin Yui has served as a test to pray for the new MBC weekend drama 'marriage contract' Jackpot.
Lee Seo-jin marriage contract is Yui appeared after the heroine lived alone with her husband and young daughter lost in the accident early as authentic melodrama received a brain tumor diagnosis, And a man and his wife sihanbu story takes place while the agreement in order to create the guardian of his daughter painted works that Lee Seo-jin and starring starring Yui.

15Marriage contract manufacturing safety and mortality after the first jackpot origin in the marriage contract the set of one Incheon has gimjinmin director and executive producer bakseongeun make officials and actor Lee Seo-jin, Yui, Kim Gwanggyu, Kim Yuri, Kim Yonggeon, Lee Hwi-hyang, Anjihun, All child actor Shin rinah other major actors attended prayed for the success of the drama,.
MBC is right I relish a total of four new convenience drama saebom

이서진 Drama 'mother' follow-up to the coming 27 days 20:45 First broadcast led to a 'just gahwa radioactive "Weekend Special that' marriage contract 'tree mini-series" Goodbye Mr. Black' in, Wolhwa Special 'monster' that brings the viewers of herbal saebom.

가화만사성 27The first one to be broadcast, but gahwa radioactive "started going to the Chinese restaurant delivery man in the background rod Sambong family operates a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown is the largest, but gahwa radioactive 'heartwarming family drama, Kim Young Chul, Won Mi-kyung, Kim Soyeon, Lee Sangwoo, Lee Pilmo, Kim Jiho, Yun Dahun, The exponential sources such appearances.

Drama 'marriage contract' is broadcast first 3 to 05, Lee Seo-jin of mellow drama starring Yui subsequent "My daughter Jinsha January, as previously described.

Drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black' actor is starring in the works that attracted a brilliant cast and overseas location shooting is expected to plus the emotional melodrama intense revenge on a man who works in the Monte Cristo motif Drama Lee Jinuk, Moon Chae-won, Kim Gangwoo, Song Jae-rim, Ryu Inyoung, such as the appearance and "one more happy ending 'to the subsequent hour on March 16 at 10 PM is the first broadcast.

Drama "Monster" is Kang Ji-hwan works containing the colossal power, a man of love, revenge and a conspiracy deprived of family and community life, Sung Yu-ri, Park Giung, Su-hyun, Park Younggyu, Lee Deok-hwa, Jeong Bo-seok, Jung Woong-in, such as the appearance, and will be the first broadcast is on March 28 at 10 PM to 'seduce gorgeous' follow-up currently broadcasting.
4 MBC drama right amenities featuring saebom are waiting for warm spring day as.

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