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Finkle Binary wedding in Hawaii

In the public and private binary married in Hawaii
Finkle binary(35) This comes olrindago said the public man and the evocative ceremony 20 days to 6 years.

Agency King Kong Entertainment binary before I was married to a binary news through the official press release on the 16th said "binary comes 20 days up to small private wedding in Hawaii.".

The prospective bride of a binary character is a Korean American citizen I'd say that the public is engaged in financial services in the United States, binary and binary prospective bride reportedly promised to marry met with the introduction of the last one-year fellowship at the end of 2014 friends.

The agency is now binary binary is staying in the United States and added that the prospective bride and wedding preparations.

Following "The wedding is conducted privately with a small wedding, only invited family and close friends”Said "attendance of a member activities in the past Finkle is working OK," he said.



On the other hand, the binary wedding I'd members Ohk Juhyun and Sung Yu-ri of Finkle mothandago attend Sung Yu-ri is a situation that can not attend due to the 50-part series MBC drama "Monster" ready to shoot and are broadcast in April and, Ohk Juhyun the musical 'Mata Hari' is open reportedly unable to attend came forward one month.

Sung Yu-ri The agency decided to spread the saying "Sung Yu-ri is celebrated, albeit from a distance," as is so special to give to understand binary and Sung Yu-ri's "”Said the.

Also Ohk Juhyun agency that "until now, due to the binary married unchanged in Ohk Juhyun schedule," he said, "in full swing in the musical preparation.".



1998Debut in years Hyo Finkle, Sung Yu-ri, Binary, Ohk Juhyun is the group you batdeon the most popular at the time in one body,. Now over 30 years old when he started to raise the binaries wedding marriage Hyo Sung Yu-ri, Only two solo Ohk Juhyun doeneundeyo remains also hope to soon see a good relationship.

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