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Kim Seongoh waiting four weeks 16Kg weight

Kim Seongoh waiting four weeks 16Kg weight
Actor Kim Seongoh is becoming clear to a 16kg weight loss agent in the film four weeks to fully digest the cast said at the station take on a serial killer Ki Bum 'waiting for you'.

Come, waiting for you, "which opened on March 10 is the day that the culprit who killed my dad came out 15 years jeoneo world, The murders of similar patterns As punishment awaited the girls and 15 years perpetrator criminal, And a green track of the seven days of the killer thriller.

I was waiting for you to Real Madrid to Real Madrid in the original begins with the story of a girl who faces the huiju father's death 15 years ago in front of the eyes. 7Killer sentenced to 15 years in prison take away the lives becomes a new turning point with Ki Bum is released from prison.
This waits for you, it does not seem to significantly deviate from Real Madrid in the popular movie wondered at Real Madrid will lead to the movies.

널기다리며 심은경


Meanwhile Kim Seongoh I lose 16kg for the movie showed a strong affection for the cast and "killer Ki Bum was a moment to lose weight" and "not at the same time and diet success postponed worry".
Coming three movies released May 10, "waiting for you" is actress Shim Eun-kyung, Yun Jaemun, Oh gimseo, Oh Taegyeong, Jeong Haegyun, Ahn Jaehong, Kim Won year, including two appearances and the 2007 crime thriller film directed all Erythema of 'my town'.

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