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Produced by 101 Heo Chanmi before falling into Class B somi

Produced by 101 Heo Chanmi before falling into Class B somi
Produced by 101 Heo Chanmi ago somi fell from Class A to Class B.
The last 5 days Mnet 'Produce 101' rising stars in Heo Chanmi, The rating fell before somi.

프로듀스101 허찬미
The trainer audition video of the day Heo Chanmi are "a lot still fall short of winning a stage.", Pulled poured criticism such as "a lot of the songs difficult to look at," was eventually dropped to Class B.
Before she fell off too somi Class B saw the video of the broadcast day ago somi trainer in diva eventually fell to Class B said, "The most important thing is concentrating No.".


All somi is haetneundeyo said the happy receiving a B rating somi ago when we received an A rating "was in fact worried because even rise further," he said, "but I think that again rises eunikka come down one step," showed a positive mindset.



Heo Chanmi is iteotneundeyo also obvious story is the SNSD members past Heo Chanmi is haetneundeyo released photos taken with the SNSD appeared at the time of Mnet 'Beatles Code' who work for the group 'coed' Heo Chanmi, see "The picture is composed of members a picture, "said haetneundeyo say," said the junior at the time Seohyun younger than 1 hakgyeon "taken to. After saying that "the past is then SM trainee had a record once without confirmation when SNSD debuted seniors were" introduced girl age five special relationship.


The Heo Chanmi has worked as an SNSD's agency is a trainee at SM Entertainment MBK entertainment enterprise Senator mixed group haetneundeyo debut 'coeducation' 'Five Dolls' Girl group in 2011 after controversial dismantling of all members.

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