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Lee Sangyeop gonghyeonju devotees of the third year girls hunnyeo couple

Lee Sangyeop gonghyeonju three years, devotees of the 'jungle gonghyeonju Lee Sangyeop also admitted girls hunnyeo couple’
3Lee Sangyeop couple years, devotees gonghyeonju being an actor, but also a common heart to extra couple caring for each other.

Lee Sangyeop gonghyeonju couple also shows that appeared on the "law of the jungle" like a celebrity couple's first daldalhan story has morale of the audience envy.


When this occurs gonghyeonju situation that stunned a lack of oxygen during diving in the law of the jungle Lee Sangyeop has gatneundeyo approached the body to deonjeo gonghyeonju securely holding both hands just to take mothamyeo restless times.


Gonghyeonju at that time. "The scene seems to never forget (To Lee Sangyeop) So full so so thankful, "said Lee Sangyeop said the appreciation of the.


Gonghyeonju last four days have appeared in Happy Together eotneundeyo it is not a night laughs on the phone connected to Lee Sangyeop
Entertainment three years, saying the parties and the phone connection to the stories of 30 women big stress when the question of the relatives of goin poetry of the car and the place eotneundeyo telephone connection to call Lee Sangyeop After a while gonghyeonju noticed something that Lee Sangyeop have giggled never had.



Kim Sook was 'There was talk did this expression when I came along jungle rot bad' for Lee Sangyeop said erected drove Lee Sangyeop Lee Sangyeop is "was glad there were difficult circumstances and, if by this expression is inflexible advance worry about," he said gonghyeonju such spiteful MC Lee Sangyeop scratches bet would put Kim Sook will continue haetneundeyo said, "I think that yeotguna properly stitched nose is not 'cause I've tried," this is Lee Sangyeop "Oh bots secretly ... "Let's say that I have gonghyeonju face jyeotneunde kkuteo Lee Sangyeop is" Let's say that with this doegetda I hang the nose "gonghyeonju has not had giggled.



Especially in this day broadcasting is haetneundeyo said Lee Sangyeop gonghyeonju a charming liar gonghyeonju Lee Sangyeop was two people when the baby makes a sound like a charm well said overflows and the end gonghyeonju prayed showcase a charming accent mixed on the fly.



The first encounter with the love story of Lee Sangyeop gonghyeonju couple unveiled a love story of two people slightly this Lee Sangyeop in the law of the jungle last public enemy ma'am.Do.
Lee Sangyeop a fan since before the couple and gonghyeonju yieotdamyeo Myspace gates in said dueotdago walk gonghyeonju Photo. Since gonghyeonju is a trainee of member firms he said haewatdago continued to crush the gonghyeonju after meeting the actual gonghyeonju.

Lee Sangyeop is haetneundeyo say from when I first met gonghyeonju went to see the face of gonghyeonju said things were going to find active beyond the dawn revealed a secret to me brainwashed gained the hearts of gonghyeonju.

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