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Han Ye-ri Marie Tel bottom, but okay

"Han Ye-ri Martell last, but fine.", ‘한예리 이상형은 양조위 심궁 표정
Han Ye-ri has appeared on my little television broadcast six days a graceful charm ppomnaetda. Han Ye-ri is a step by step narrative voice in the atmosphere and took dance classes Korea. Like feeling similar to Martell Ha Yeon-soo shows yieotneundeyo.


Han Ye-ri started broadcasting to begin raising section to the viewer, "he decided to appear wants to inform proud of our dance Korea," she said Han Ye-ri is ppomnaetda a decent dancing skills of the professional who majored in dance for 20 years, Korea dancer. Han Ye-ri is "tambourine dance ', 'Crew', 'Fan Dance', It serves like 'Salpuri' made explaining the origin and characteristics of the dance step by step, and fell in love with the charm of South Korea Dance ~.


한예리 승무

한예리 부채춤

While dancing to the description also it showed the appearance of a continued communication with the chat window. Read gives a nickname to a number of questions and reactions of netizens gave it step by step answers. Like daldal and calm voice, as if listening to the radio has made the nickname "sharply DJ '.

한예리 살풀이

Han Ye-ri Han Ye-ri is also the scene who giggled looking at the camera back around for showcasing dances Han Ye-ri is offering the charm of Han Ye-ri even closer between viewers.


In the broadcast day, Han Ye-ri has also released his childhood picture was haetneundeyo say I knew you to be an intangible cultural asset I dreamed a lot on stage once to die so useless dwaetdamyeo.




Meanwhile, in a broadcast day, Han Ye-ri is haetneundeyo the bottom half and Real Madrid Girl's Day Yura writers were broadcast in the last years No. 1 Kim Heungguk Kim Gura tchaourou the 'If True Stories "was No. 2 with the, The spring constant "Colorful Life" is No. 3, Yun Minsu 4th, Han Ye-ri won the fifth place.

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