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Yang Sehyeong baknarae Family Radio Star 2nd consecutive final broadcast

양세형 박나래 패밀리 라디오스타 2회 연속 방송 확정
Yang Sehyeong baknarae Yang Sechan jangdoyeon was heavenly comedian. Radio Star, the last three days yangsehyeong yangsechan brothers and baknarae, Jangdoyeon had appeared.
Yangsehyeong yangsechan baknarae jangdoyeon will it reveal the special friendship baknarae had confessed that half a glance looking appearance singing the Yang Sechan come in Yang Sechan house barefoot drunk public pictures wrapped feet with plastic bags and brings the storm laughs in this day broadcasting did.

양세형 박나래

Baknarae of that episode too fond of alcohol was not the end. Baknarae that was released a picture step-by-step look drunk Kim Gura said that I will also eat drink not said, however, saying try a morning radio show baknarae made everyone laugh live Say So after eating andoena.
I'd like that episode of the liquor jangdoyeon also haetneundeyo public yangsehyeong yangsechan jangdoyeon brothers came to the place, which, along with other women's stories drunk to the other woman said, "Do not hit the tail together our kids," and threw a glass of water The party women sprinkle cider directly naeryeotdago said tail.


Yangsehyeong yangsechan baknarae jangdoyeon is haneungunyo Bo was it that there were also those with the thumb, leaving the men and women so much friend. Yang Sechan is attended to continue chasing baknarae the Yang Sechan contrary to look for a song section The Yang Sehyeong tell me that "Narae we came home was a nightmare do you imagine making the meatballs holidays," never said made me laugh all Yang Sechan the jangdoyeon the jam was watching the head simkung Let's talk meow if they were "in love and war" Suzhou to face with mineral water baknarae like watching a scene at once are key figure brings honey jam can not take your eyes off viewers.



In addition to Yang Sehyeong toktokhi the MSG role in any torque was about out the word celestial comedian.


Toxic cleaner that Yang Sehyeong is gonna have that go to I went to his house with jangdoyeon jangdoyeon were behind when you're sitting squat to take off your shoes before But it said the head smells taken from jangdoyeon pass to the side buds orders climbed right up the jangdoyeon Socks Peel the said ditches the sock out of the veranda. The jangdoyeon is frustrating and we said yes to the old sneakers originally recorded haetneundeyo that said feet are dry, but a Yang Sehyeong keep driving to smell the story of jangdoyeon aroused laughter.

The Yang Sehyeong baknarae Yang Sechan jangdoyeon the radio star for two consecutive broadcasts would put the four ipdam Is it because hats are not to broadcast the day so much fun in What.

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