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Not missing under exceptional pictorial starring back

"Cast not disappeared back under the exceptional pictorial’
Holding kite disclose the missing pictorial introduced under exceptional charm reversal.
If the peripheral is gonna announced the disappearance fashion under the cut on the nude phone in the men's magazine Esquire photo shoot Mensa • The pictorial of how starred with the nickname Brain seknyeo the Seoul National University who is an inversion appeal does not fit is the meantime, innocent image eye captivates.

Cast not that rare celebrity to own a blog is "a cup of books.. I'm frequently publish daily through blogs and SNS that a piece of the movie "


In recent years, from baby pictures were public elementary school picture and then posted the notice from junior high school, and it would post a picture of the actor and communicate directly with fans.

Cast not a debut as Bond in 2009, KBS has 21 groups Talent yeonyega haetneundeyo worked as a reporter relayed to graduate from Seoul National University Department of Communication between fans and netizens caught the eye called "Kim Taehui as the second '. 이후 드라마 ‘파트너’, "The Cha Cha with ', "The home of the legendary ', He has appeared like "Endless Love"


2014As the years cast as juyeongeup in KBS drama "Only my love 'has started in earnest inform faces.

Last year has appeared on MBC my little television in 2015 Mensa, Released from Seoul National University and was also a way to introduce the topic of study.

Not starring debut in 2009, but the fact is broadcast appearances haetneundeyo appeared in the first broadcast in 2008 than one year earlier starred at the time was not college for the first time appeared as a 'sisibibi' college panel of SBS Current Affairs Programs. 잠시 스쳐 지난 화면이지만 당시 지주연의 단아한 외모와 깔끔한 이미지는 대중들의 마음을 단번에 사로잡았다.


Not recently starring JTBC - big success in the 'code secret room' and I'm gaining popularity while dropping by holding dwell in the first one was broadcast boyigido tears. Cast time is not concentrated Hui people did not get too aggressive hints to the "first seems Dean”He was disappointed, saying the elimination.

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