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Take care of your refrigerator fixed Ahn Jeonghwan Kim Seongju, and is expected to continue.

Take care of fixing the MC appointed Ahn Jeonghwan Refrigerator

Ahn Jeonghwan has become a fixed MC Take care of your refrigerator. Meanwhile, several guest MC Jeong Hyeongdon vacancies are in the haeohda alternately progress was Ahn Jeonghwan is determined as a fixed MC.


Ahn Jeonghwan is gonna showed great breath appeared as a guest MC bangso in the past day seems to Kim Seongju and glutinous rice cake chemistry Ahn Kim Juhyeok comes to be broadcast on the 15th, Choi Ji Woo and starring part as a formal fixed from MC.



Ahn said gyeotda I'd feel a burden to the poor filling of Ahn Jeonghwan Jeong Hyeongdon meantime, Take Care 'Refrigerator claimed to myeongkombi with Kim Seongju’ I also figured it would bring to viewers the kkumjaem.

The last in the refrigerator for one day ask Epik High's Tablo and rapper Simon Dominic(Ssamdi)And he has appeared as a guest.




Kim Seongju Ahn Jeonghwan came without a shave in broadcasting “But how do comes to raising the inde The hot cooking programs do Beard?” The haetneundeyo said Ahn “There are people like. Hairy favorite person” He said, “The next time I'll shave you ever even come out to”He said.

At the end of the Kim Seongju Ahn Jeonghwan “Do you think more” He told The Ahn Jeonghwan Ahn “a little”He aroused me laugh.



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