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Brother knows yisumin entertainment idol born

"Your brother knows yisumin’ Entertainment idol
Brother knows yisumin seconds,Of adults over fans
It does have to do yisumin yeneunggye is emerging as a new prospect to articulate speaking ability that appeared on JTBC 'know your brother' of.

아는형님 이수민
Yisumin to do is I'm a big success in the 'I do' EBS live and pray showcase the recently postponed by a variety of entertainment programs and drama. In particular, the possibility of yisumin yisumin the current junior high school students are not even that endless exaggeration.


In the broadcast day yisumin proceeded to 'know your brother' broadcast directly to the topic that you need to do to drag the popular kids these days.
Yisumin is balhimyeo that occurred in 2001 haetneundeyo say they do not know 'buzz' which debuted in 2003. The Min Gyeonghun is haetneundeyo he was wounded in mind this yisumin tell, saying that half watching the video Min Gyeonghun are from Min Gyeonghun is better than Henry's Min Gyeonghun He was released jugido heart.



Yisumin was also haetneundeyo to admire its members to continue to be articulate members do write down the answers I buried the paint on the nose with the team divided into teams proceed to the quiz.
Yisumin Let's discuss the two other members of the same team and the Correct SEO 'should never be on the "Kang said neundeyo demonstrated decisive progress this was not astonished admiration.




Asked about their favorite idol Shin Dongwoo he has said that "love AOA Seolhyun" yisumin is like "Infinite El”Said, "The album also deokjil also commonly called accidents," he said. The word "deokjil 'of yisumin members were perplexed, saying' What do you mean '.





Yisumin it will showcase a broadcast in progress middle cute smoke was prehistoric honey jam. Also yisumin will tell you that ever kicked five members to a man surprised.

With excellent progress and yisumin Shin Dongwoo Lee Sugeun he had praised that "it seems that Shin Dongwoo yisumin and proceed to the original know my brother," Kang seems to be an invitation to the 'I do', "the brother, not knowing”He said.


The yisumin are beyond the elementary and middle school students in impressive activities in each of making TV appearances also adults with fans.

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