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Tiffany Gray yeolaeseol SM official position

Tiffany Gray yeolaeseol SM official position
"Tiffany Gray yeolaeseol close colleagues."
Tiffany Gray was embroiled in yeolaeseol. 티파니 그레이 열애설은 29일 오전 언론을 통해 공개되었는데요 해당 언론사는 소녀시대 티파니(27) Gray and future page(30) Said the three months continues pretty love.

Tiffany Gray yeolaeseol for SM Entertainment said, "Tiffany and Gray are just friendly colleagues" denied yeolaeseol.
I look at the reports of the two yeolaeseol who captured the scene of devotees Tiffany Gray two people, not what I think. Reported that quoting officials in the music industry two people dating.

I look at the news content, and Tiffany Gray is enjoying a date like an ordinary couple in their 20s talked about music.
In addition to prayer, conscious of eyes around and reveals his love for each other, and the fact that Tiffany Gray is said that the two lovers is publicly known among rappers.

But the two men for yeolaeseol the agency "is not just a yeolaeseol close colleagues," said Pippa did you say gray Is it really two lovers?



Tiffany and Gray yeolaeseol being in plays such as computer engineering from Hongik University's 2012 debut album, 'forgot' in 2013, 'dangerous', 2015Published in the 'I's' and has been active as a rapper known as sensory Fashionista. Do you even remember me appeared haetneundeyo UNIQLO CF?


Yeolaeseol of the SNSD members, did a great concern indeyo long ago Oh Seung-hwan glass break with the FIFA Nichkhun There you had a break in the devotees only accepted six months last year in May. Yoona and Lee Seung Gi also as two 2014 drives Dating picture was public recognition of devotees had a falling out after 8 months to 1 year.
And unconcerned with Byun Baek-hyun was hair in just three months a year started a public haetneundeyo devotees known as SM-house couple.
Finally, in January 2014 he recognized the actor Jeong Gyeongho and devotees swimming seems to look good to see that there is still much to farewell news.

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