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Oh Jeongyeon 'house ab’ Public doorstep

Oh Jeongyeon headaches room needs solving
Other skills Oh Jeongyeon released song?
Love House of Oh Jeongyeon is unveiled. Oh Jeongyeon is 'heonjip'll Rustic Dao' public dismay the room does not become clean and appeared on the required resolution.

When you eat and when to sleep, why is the room of Oh Jeongyeon problems spends all the time was the appearance has not been organized in a mess.

Oh Jeongyeon disappears after the work was to work freelance declared every broadcast, even when it is not saying there about a fortnight as if you broke me like a dried maid in the house too confident when it said tteoleojindago.




Oh Jeongyeon said it was HOT fan club has had to keep a 'beep' is still stuck stickers Moon Huijun was also kept KBS employee ID card. This is Mr. Oh Jeongyeon Jun Hyun-Moo is a very frugal person. He said less affordable as a time announcer household everyday and do not leave things well.

Oh Jeongyeon day is gonna beating the other broadcast from Oh Jeongyeon sang was "a lot of the other over four years ago when a lot of hard”Oh Jeongyeon say that've been playing the music that is played finger style "Around thirty" Kim Gwangseok of the fly hagetdamyeo haetneundeyo said, "was thirty at the time of singing this song did cry," Jun Hyun-Moo said, "nikkanyo sensitivity is rich," he said.




Oh Jeongyeon had a guitar and start playing on the "Around thirty, Performers are concentrated by iteotneundeyo immediately I reported Oh Jeongyeon But playing some songs I liked ... ...




Meanwhile Oh Jeongyeon is written by Jay, Haetneundeyo Select 'Dreaming O Cafe interior of Oh Jeongyeon Jeong Junyoung's "modern and chic was delighted, saying" it is said there is no room for the dog ahswipdago.

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