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Ha Yeon-soo

Ha Yeon-soo're "not supposed to learn to face and body’

"Ha Yeon-soo does not mean that an actor with the face and body '
Actor Ha Yeon-soo has left an article about his appearance and personality.
Ha Yeon-soo from the conclusion of the article refers indeyo the condition of the face and body is not to learn
Ha Yeon-soo is how people "in his Instagram 25 days, Can you consistently do more than ride born yeppeul "he said." It's not going to necessarily learn yeppeoya. Who had reported that attractive person of the existence of things that make just a pretty face and a body that just will not You ".

Ha Yeon-soo is also haetneundeyo emphasized that more important than appearance, "the tone, expression, behavior, habit, Remember your favorite places, Precious friends, People who love, Everything the surrounding, "said," I think all of the elements that makes up one person, "he said.


In addition, Ha Yeon-soo said, "So Chuck is pretty cute and pretend it is a little far for my taste, and raising Gonzo. In fact yigoyo taking part Gonzo often not explained. ".

Following Ha Yeon-soo said, "So endearing personality that'll become a man. I'll smoke a long time in positions that can. I wanted to say was always, "said the conviction of Ha Yeon-soo for the appearance of the actor.

Fans and netizens in the writings of Ha Yeon-soo, and they were cheering Ha Yeon-soo as many comments.
2013Ha Yeon-soo one year film debut with "temperature love 'is far Videos, drama, Music Video, Advertising, Entertainment programs, such as vertical and horizontal Wujin am and the last in 2015, and has shown a turtle dressed gained great popularity as a so-called 'Squirtle' from MBC my little television.





Meanwhile, Ha Yeon-soo will come in the first movie you name Rose "that before the end of the month keuraengkeuin
Actor Park Seongung, Ryu Hojeong, Oh Jung-Se, Lee Wongeun, Choi Woosik, The cast has been confirmed with Chae Subin would put 1979 in 2015 from a "human comedy drama draws a love and a dream of a female singer was a dream hongjangmi the modern history of Korea as the background to.

Ha Yeon-soo in "your name is Rose 'is a movie that starred actor of 20 middle-aged smoke rose station took the actress Ryu Hojeong.

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