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Smoke a few more luminous signal ohyeonah starring minutes

The signals received ohyeonah the audience's attention to the possessed smoke.
Ohyeonah is a colleague in order to hide their crimes from the report signal from the police, but
Ohyeonah is Manda is finally arrested, leaving the statute of limitations 20 minutes.
Kim Hess and leave the statute of limitations 10 minutes sitting in front of the table facing to get a confession ohyeonah but did not draw horak horak. 15Open the mouth of the ohyeonah lived in hiding for that time Kim Hyesu was not enough.
Kim Hye stimulate the state of mind throwing a question to ohyeonah said, "I will live in a luxury villa in Gangnam ahninya that occurred 15 years ago as a rich man Seo Hyeongjun friend.".

Ohyeonah wife had said, "I do not know what hasineunji said," This is Kim Hess as "his own hands (His cabinet as a cabinet colleague) It showed cabinets. What did he say why, "asked back.
Ohyeonah said, "I wanted to know what the police are investigating better. Deceived by such lies are passed on to the killer missed because police, Again, not catch criminals dead child is a pity, "he said calmly replied proudly smiled,.
시그널 오연아
Kim Hye shows a ohyeonah glasses of the past Seo Hyeongjun here cornered Your DNA is found dwaetdamyeo cease. But ohyeonah is're "still have not found a smile. Ahninya you'll not need to do this if you find evidence, "he said" time is not enough that these prosecutions ve do you think I admit that I have done? I'm not, "said his wife was a crime. Lee Jehun watched it did not come out is the DNA test results lies the DNA results to get a confession ohyeonah nawatdago.
시그널 오연아
But ohyeonah is saying that "I did not kill," Taeyeon time goes beyond 12 pm. A moment when the statute of limitations ends. The ohyeonah is on extended irradiation to head home.

The statute of limitations time passed ohyeonah DNA tests have revealed as the culprit, but the police are not writable hands. However, this was reversed from here. The estimated time of death Seo Hyeongjun As revealed by kidnapping the next day due to ohyeonah parking is arrested on the spot.
시그널 오연아

signal 1, 2In times ohyeonah carefully cheonyeondeok denied their crimes and tipping brought a reversal in the reversal in appalling delay was of great interest to viewers.

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