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Radio Star Park So-dam plays ELK ratings 8.3% 1top

Meet the leading professional entertainers and the Radio Star chung hottest actors also led.
Last 19 days Radio Star ratings are close to 10% and stood supreme in the entertainment Wednesday.
Radio Star Guests secure portal search rankings immediately after appearing and once again he demonstrated the power of the radio star.

The reason that public enthusiasm for radio star is big reason that programs to empathize with watching their appearance and think everyday, not the smoke of stars seen in the screen also 'jjalbang the Internet can easily access anytime, anywhere with the development of the Internet(Watch video by editing only the important parts)Also it can be infinitely large effect replay through,.

Bakso containing "Chungmuro ​​Warriors in Wednesday broadcast(No eyelid eyes)"Certainly, it showed the presence of mad.
Kim Gukjin had introduced as "the owner of a crazy acting eaten chew chung," Park So-dam bakso containing the movie "Black priests' eseoui ghost smoke and makchum, And it serves up the song showed off the attractive colors of Article 8.
Bakso containing large ears show for a short-cut hair when straight long hair, said he never thought of plastic surgery as my own attraction for the Warriors said ears comes out.



Tell containing bakso cool Say Drinking a bottle of soju two to three times the story of first love and the car had suddenly entered a portal search rankings.

ELK has received great popularity while starring in the movie insider said she was not only far to see the screen manly and sexy enough to appeal to appeal.

ELK is a figure not realize the spirit of the MC and the four men were guests at the scene wore shorts during a broadcast featuring the best in the pole dancing was a prehistoric Honey Jam viewers.

ELK is haetneundeyo said the painting hobby ELK has also introduced a direct drawn figure, saying that like to draw particular. ELK is "painted by New Year's prayer not only one minute hand and wanted to prepare a slow Gift”Yun Jongsin Kim Gura said he presented the picture to the "well-painted, Shipbuilding as cartoon characters”Innovation was also insinuating things.

Such radio star is keeping a place of love and entertainment Supreme no public appearance and backstory without hesitation ipdam of the best in the MC of the stars are not met half.
Wednesday why the radio star which also hold weekly Maybe it is for this reason.

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