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Shim Hye-jin

Yoon Sang Lee Seunghwan Shim Hye-jin married the reigning gongsin

"Lee Seunghwan Shim Hye-jin Yoon Sang married the reigning gongsin’

Shim Hye-jin Yoon Sang's wife with two children had appeared in jipbap baekseonsaeng.
Shim Hye-jin is jipbap baekseonsaeng second appearance indeyo when the annular goose dad went to the United States played a cook for the kids and remind Shim Hye-jin broadcast last 19 days.

Broadcast day "cooking for the family, Geumat is? This was a family of performers appeared as the theme.
I wrote an annular carefully Curry tonkatsu for Shim Hye-jin and Jun Hyun-Moo kids do this is strange how, "Mr. Shim Hye-jin. It did not look familiar to her husband cooking?"I asked,.
Shim Hye-jin was said to be "well-boiled ramen" aroused laughter.



Shim Hye-jin is very grateful to "the broadcast said Baek Jong-Won”Saying, "If only my husband ate boiled jipbap baekseonsaeng the control face up eating a decent meal was very good after," he said again to thank Baek Jong-Won.

Shim Hye-jin Yoon Sang's wife has made her debut as Bond Talent 1995 HBS 1 group is a relationship while appearing in the annular "as always the music video in 1998 were married in 2002 and annular.


I'd say the annular Shim Hye-jin has married singer Lee Seung Hwan Lee Seung Hwan is one such gongsin This time I was given the annular "as always a 'album production of the annular know that the mind puts Shim Hye-jin Shim Hye-jin was cast by MTV heroine, It gave shots made from the first day until dinner spot.


When the whip sent the album where after the dinner, saying one naturally receives a phone number that developed into lovers.



Meanwhile, in this day broadcasting annular curry tonkatsu, Kim Gura the magnetic field Rice, Song jaeri followed by BBQ, Almost is gonna introduced dakbokkeumtang of the annular Cutlet Curry won the championship. Yoon Sang's "family was far away and I gave up here for me to worry about one meomulmyeon what about the hawigwon”It said "But could win the support of all”Said said thank.

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