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Lee Yonggyu Yoo Ha-na Text only two years after first meeting

Lee Yonggyu Yoo Ha-na Text only two years after first meeting

Actor Lee Yonggyu Yoo Ha-na was the public a vivid wedding story.

Lee Yonggyu Yoo Ha-na has unveiled the first meeting of the two men appeared in Lee Yonggyu Yoo Ha-na 'talk show scene by taxi, last 19 days.


Lee Yonggyu Yoo Ha-na was I'd These photos of models that make up Yoo Ha-na is a marriage relationship


Lee Yonggyu is reported that the first half of Yoo Ha-na pictures at a glance from the airport train car in winter. Lee Yonggyu is the Haeju see the pictures, "also by Ticketing great and wide forehead, eyes and asked him the hero of the picture”Called. After mobilization of acquaintances around the idea I want to know Yoo Ha-na was eventually found to have been in contact Yoo Ha-na.



Lee Yonggyu after the neundeyo sent a text message to a Yoo Ha-na "is not a bad guy kicks some hope know a little easier," he said after I sent the letter after the reply is not watdamyeo week came the reply.

Haneungunyo also make an effort to get the beautiful.


The Yoo Ha-na is reported that a letter from the right side of the bed and ran a computer search for Lee Yonggyu came a time when letters. Yoo Ha-na said, "I think baseball players thought it was such a big big tall man, so faces looked like the Japanese model and beard downed suddenly lively curiosity”I said, "but the profile it.I key bit is small," he said.


Lee Yonggyu, the neundeyo sent a reply in a week sent a letter Yoo Ha-na came the "Yes, it later contact please ^^ when another time," he replied thus Yoo Ha-na Lee Yonggyu fate of the two men have begun.

Lee Yonggyu would have thought after a training camp to go to Korea to meet Yoo Ha-na, you did not have so easy. That the first meeting of this time of two years later Yoo Ha-na Lee Yonggyu Lee Yonggyu two people I'd did not even have the face of a well struck Yoo Ha-na not even eye contact.


유하나는 “제 쪽을 제대로 보지도 못하고 자기가 너무 오랜만에 술을 먹는다며 몇 잔 마시더니 얼굴이 금방 빨개지고 말도 좀 없고 쑥스러워서 제 눈을 못 쳐다보더라고요라며 “느낌에는 관심이 있는 거 같은데 남자는 술 먹으면 좀 흐트러지고 터치도 하고 하잖아요 그런데 전혀 그런 게 없고 2번째를 만나도 3번째를 만나도 그냥 한결같이 앞에만 보고 있는 거예요”Haetneundeyo say




The Yoo Ha-na was so frustrating, "We've not dated? Please do not kiss? When I say 'end' downed me what this page, and I grieve not know haetneundeyo excited, saying "friggin fall back and said that corrected teeth.



Meanwhile, Lee Yonggyu is haneungunyo wanted to tell Yoo Ha-na sagwijago first did no good way for getting away from the mouth is too comfortable talking Lee Yonggyu Yoo Ha-na is said and think 'Yeah, not grams sagwimyeon'. In Lee Yonggyu players bat while hitting proud bearing fire weather really beginner yeotneyo.

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