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Yeoseo with Seo Jeonghui morning Yard mother is willing

Starred with Seo Jeonghui morning Yard Mother
Seo Jeonghui actor was starring in the morning along with the mother in the yard 19 kbs broadcast.
Seo Jeonghui opened the speechless, "appeared with her mother seems to be less tension" and "I, along with the mother becomes too will".

In the broadcast Seo Jeonghui mentioned the marriage of seosewon. Seo Jeonghui "We know when one man bachimyeon chastity knew it for granted that you as a person and life," he said of the seosewon and 32 years of marriage.

Seo Jeonghui I think is a very difficult marriage of body and mind Seo Jeonghui had excised the uterus "in 2004, 2010In years to remove the tumor in the chest "and" a lot of hard physical, "he said.
It was released after the current shingles also said that the third stroke I said that the suffering Seo Jeonghui more deorago ill gotten means the body than the head first, came to the ears were giving birth to a child, saying the awful suffering state.

Seo Jeonghui is still subject to recurrent herpes ditching eat about watdamyeo still works fine do you see eokulhae. He said the rampant Table annanda smiled a smile.

Seo Jeonghui "The day was a good day was bad. There was a good day was a sad day. My own has now recalled more mature age did not want to, "said the last time with a lot of experience.


Seo Jeonghui the mother in this day broadcasting “Seo Jeonghui also gives the sing” Said “Jwotdeoni he used to buy a recorder that the fire in the room Recorder”He said.



This is Seo Jeonghui “When I practice a lot to the next call”He said. Following is Seo Jeonghui “But you can not do” 라는 노래를 부르며 끝내 눈물을 흘렸고 어머니도 함께 눈물을 흘려 안타까움을 자아냈다.

The Seo Jeonghui seosewon is after 32 years of marriage had formally divorced in August. Between Seo Jeonghui seosewon and has a daughter and son with 1 M 1 Ladies.

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