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Major League Baseball Willie Rosario Hanwha line is how much ransom?

“Major League Baseball Willie Rosario Hanwha line is how much ransom?”
Active major league Willie Rosario(27)It expected to leap to a new foreign players in the cyclization.
Willie Rosario is one of the last active player to debut in 2015. players in Colorado from 2011 to the Dominican Republic.

2014Catcher by the year 2015 and has played in 2011 and 2012 as a first baseman, was focused breathing with the cyclization of Ace Rogers.

5He played 323 games in 447 games as a catcher during the season last year, except the catcher 2 game total of 61 games were played at first base.

Rosario's naetneunde the best character from 2012 until the year 2013, played in 117 games in 2012 batting 0.270, He recorded 28 homers and 71 RBIs,, 2013Years has batted in 121 games 0.292, 21Recorded 79 homers and RBIs.


Although active in the last season, the first baseman Rosario is always the player with the strength to write a catcher mask,.
According to officials of the Dominican Republic announced that haetneundeyo "Rosario has signed a formal contract with Hanwha Eagles one year," said Hanwha Eagles, "It is not yet certain what that review as a positive fact.".
Rosario has a contract with Hanwha Eagles Maybe the biggest problem is the salary Rosario.


Last season Rosario salary received 2.8 million US dollars. And boasts a near Ransom doubled compared to what is currently Hanwha Rogers received a salary up to 1.5 million US dollars from the New York Yankees.
The urgent concerns of the map have been to Rosario from Hanwha one of the best contract ransom of 1.9 million US dollars to Rogers presents a much salary.

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