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Im renewed jjeuwi apple mocking remarks 90000 Comments

Chinese actress Lim updated the post to leave a mock apple tree Weiss jjeuwi videos of their Wei Bo has become a hot topic.

God imgyeong last 16 And share videos jjeuwi apple on his way Bo “There was no time to memorize the script too sudden apple seureowoseo” That added emoticons in text and smiley faces.


3Million people of God imgyeong fans imgyeong God's article with your followers and nearly netizens tried to express the will of sympathy to the comments ran the ball more than 90,000 comments.


Jjeuwi starts accused from those as compared to that figure, shake Taiwan flag after the appearance in holding their national flag together with members from Marie Tel in November it took the radio jjeuwi supporting the Taiwan independence forces of Chinese netizens jjeuwi after he took an official apology through JYP official Youtube


JYP Park Jinyoung since the apology was listed on the official website jjeuwi Taiwan flag situations are becoming seriously flows.



First exposed the Taiwan flag jjeuwi in Taiwan(Jjeuwi the creeps encourage the Taiwan independence forces)Taiwanese singer-songwriter 'hwangan’ The opposition protests have been scheduled

Nani uh international hacker organization 'anger jjeuwi apple Plymouth’ It arose from situations in which a DDoS attack down the JYP website by Taiwanese hacker organization.

The jjeuwi Taiwan flag situations are going to be spread with a serious situation as reported in the BBC.

23 days hwangan the opposite jjeuwi will not protest in front of City Hall Taipei, Taiwan 10000 people come there and E. The participating physicians are 53,000 people expressing interest.

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