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Son Eun-seo Lee Jang-woo Kiss 10,012 hours What story?

Son Eun-seo Lee Jang-woo Kiss 10,012 hours What story?

Actress Son Eun-seo said Lee Jang-woo is reliving the past with a CF shoot kissing scene in the law of the jungle.

Son Eun-seo, Lee Jang-woo, Oh Jiho, Not Serra, Hong Jonghyeon, Law of the jungle appeared on Kim Byeongman in the Panama side

Lee Jang-woo is looking at the Son Eun-seo “There'll confess” Said “Cider was kissing my sister eunseo”He said. Lee Jang-woo Son Eun-seo is required matchwotneunde breathing together in the past, drink ad


Lee Jang-woo is “12And I kissed for hours”Surprised both me and said. Hands on your head stand sukyimyeo confession of Lee Jang-woo smiled a smile.





This is Oh Jiho “5Remember years ago when nagetne” At the time he said CF replay. CF's Lee Jang-woo Son Eun-seo stretches from Panama beach, it is not in charge of Serra street is pedestrian reverse moment to kiss intruding on the set “When you kiss in public places eojjeonya” It said built the finish.





Meanwhile Anse neundeyo Bring your kayak have all assembled directly from Korea to Panama Beach nubyeot Kim Byeongman kayak fell two chiefs left the hunt on the sea waves hwipsseulrigo.



Kim Byeongman kayaks to the beach and back, only sheik anatneundeyo visible.. Kim Byeongman notice at the following times had endangered the waves swept notice was published on the scene to rescue the crew.


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