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Japanese comfort women agreed ‘should not receive money. “

Comfort women agreed
Japanese comfort women demand an official apology
The grandmother comfort women “we can not get the money,” the Japanese official apologized repeatedly requested
The grandmother comfort women


Damage grandmother comfort women comfort one days are declared invalid agreement and urged the government resolved properly.

South Korea comfort women issue measures meeting the shelter and the ‘sharing of the House belonging to the comfort women victims grandmother, six 13 days afternoon, Seoul junghakdong former Ambassador Embassy of Japan in opposite one end of last month concluded without asking a doctor of the victims held a press conference at the Peace of sonyeosang’ for an agreement between one days “absolutely opposed” he said.

Gimbokdong (90) grandmother “did not know what we will, but ask you to resolve the comfort women issue to the government so impractical,” said, “We are the money (one billion yen by the Japanese is to appear) can not receive,” said the hard-line stance.
Kim said he would himself join the grandmother comfort women victims of the Foundation to prepare civil society.

Sonyeosang for the old and demolished problem “sonyeosang can not tell our government to collect our history, the people pay for every dime created by a Japanese government (previous and demolition),” he said atda crucify.
Yiokseon (89) grandmother “has deceived the victim to stop the mouth,” said “(yiraeseon) should not,” he said.
The grandmother and opposition to the government about visiting the individual comfort women victims explained the government’s position, “the Japanese official apology and compensation should be legal,” he urged again.
Day demand rallies, the police estimated that about 800 people attended a Ewha Global Empowerment Program Participants which are Asian and African women workers 16 Brightness visit to the Asian Center for Women’s Studies invited attended “The Japanese government should apologize officially to the grandmother,” he remarks.

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