Napoleon quote 33

Napoleon's sayings 33 is.

1. People are human, as he dressed in uniform.

2. Most importantly, the information must tipping in cheosebeop the man of, At the same time, even without tipping city, That you know how to suppress the two.

3. Finding happiness in a luxury life is like waiting for the sun to shine in the picture.

4. There are but two of the social power of the sword and the spirit. But eventually the knife Manda being defeated spirit.

5. It seems that soon the pain will play live. Therefore, the more the faithful people how to write, trying to win himself.

6. Sow the seeds of nature, This opens the fruit of fate.

7. Take time to ponder. But let one when it is time to stop thinking and behavior rush.

8. Victory goes back to the most tenacious people.



9. Victory is achieved only by hard work and love. Victory goes to the one who makes the most tenacious efforts. What should even try to conquer the middle of the hardship. That's it. This is the way of true victory.

10. Even the ability of the great genius without a chance, no matter how useless.

11. Who knows how to flatter also knows how to slander.

12. The best way to keep a promise is not a promise.

13. The more good soldier is a weak man.


14. Everything is easy, according to the flow of public opinion. Public opinion is the ruler of the world

15. Disaster we face yen one day is revenge for some time we have neglected From.

16. It is worth to rely on their own strength, but others.

17. Will not be discouraged that the most important thing in life, failure is not carried away by the excessive joy was successful.

18. It is all that he is a human being shall be, It is everything that you would like to self-will which God.


19. It can establish a game plan everyone can. But those who are less capable of war.

20. go, Ride, And do not forget that the world was created during the six days jyeoteum. You are what you want to charge me anything but time just is not.

21. The most significant risk at the moment of victory guru Linda.

22. Victory gained without pain is not the glory.

23. The spirit of resolve is the most useful knowledge.

24. Death is nothing. But buying a loser without glory,It's not as good as dying every day.

25. If you want to win, It must take all.

26. 1Percent chance of, That's my way.


27. Game is always simple. You must detect the enemy what you want. And what ever you want to allow, It is dreaming to believe that it is possible.

28. I could not see ahead is a person who has already lost.

29.What an extraordinary mission, Useful as it tries to only inevitable, That's it.

30. If the person is initially attracted little thing one hundred and twelve shops are attracting people.

31. Victory is in the army.

32. There is no possible word my dictionary.

33. Distance to fall from a mere improvement in just one step. I saw that a trifle determine the biggest one.


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