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Yi Dong-hwi jeonghoyeon and devotees admit nine years older than younger couples

Yi Dong-hwi jeonghoyeon and devotees recognized "model actress born couple’

Actor Lee Donghwi(32) And model Jeong Hoyeon(23)This news is being a devotee reportedly.

And that Yi Dong-hwi jeonghoyeon is gonna reportedly came after a meeting last year to overcome the differences in the age of 9 and continued good meeting.


Devotees of the film Yi Dong-hwi jeonghoyeon already, I'd jyeotdago publicly known in the industry did not know the model, only the public..

Lee Donghwi of E. agency is not aware of but recognized the devotees specific term relationship as the privacy and information of the actors of the Yi Dong-hwi jeonghoyeon is said to be around him look pretty good encounters continue.


Lee Donghwi haetneundeyo the meantime a lot of supporting roles in movies and figurant's movie veterans of recent topics, Street Painter, Beauty Inside, Fashion King, Tajja - Valeri Sarychev,Crying Man, The Road Home, Haetneundeyo appeared in a supporting role as Queen of the Night, etc. figurant drama "Let the response 1998’ Take on a starring role in a dongryong decided to start getting interest from the public.




Lovers of Jeong Hoyeon Lee Donghwi is haetneundeyo start informing your face while last appeared in 2013. On Style "challenge Supermodels Korea 4" after "more moseuteu Beautiful Days', "Howto Pit’ Last year, he appeared in November jtbc 'witch hunt like’ Even it became the subject's appearance.


Meanwhile, Yi Dong-hwi jeonghoyeon devotees news electrolytic As Instagram has celebrated two people of the Lee Donghwi meeting is writing to Nago neomcheo.


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