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Blind adherence cheoksa light yukryong the beat Jang Sambong disciples Narsha

The new stick cheoksa appeared light yukryong is Narsha

People appeared as an assassin in a secret organization "Anonymous" is very light cheoksa.

Cheoksa light ttangsae a figure that is yukryong Narsha already mentioned 4 times, Stern road, The street appeared in a stern talk with Jang Sambong in the meeting of the Jang Sambong.


Jang Sambong is the time came to consider to find the one I adhere to hide my own encounters with the way aft. The way Stern “This led to the sons of geombeop goksan cheokjungyeong” Innovation “4By the jeonseungja for geombeop the wake revived its jeonseungja cheoksa light disappeared kill the stick of the continent” Says.


In this day broadcast a secret organization "Anonymous" This was starting to look an example, the very people the light cheoksa.


Although he did not open his mouth to torture and imprison the members of jade cotton Jeong Do-jeon has asked that eopneunya a good way to yibangwon Let yibangwon is followed by the escape of the cotton operatives.


But organizers of the escape obscurity hides the body ttadolrimyeo followed the sword of light hit the cheoksa. Right unnamed members of the sword to majuchimyeo minutes and minutes jinadeon the way to kill me himself, saying the organization did not say anything, saying the gold delivered to the unit minutes “Gyumok bright chodatsae Mississauga” Leave the password Manda reap the breath of.


Then cheoksa light chaff with a knife to the neck of the minute I heard the 'Do not listen halgeot’ Let threaten the said minutes are minutes

Past and mother think nanudeon conversations with unnamed members “Chomu called Wujin” Wherein said light is surprised cheoksa “Now is not the first place you have ever shall” It responded to that.


There is a minute tissue behaviors cause the chuck of 'unknown' focus of interest is whether to see my mother and yukryong unfold the emergence of a new strain of the stick becomes more Narsha.


The stick cheoksa light of a legendary appearance on Thursday broadcast the nations not, The figures are created in a virtual Nancy yukryong Narsha minutes with no real. Just try to think over whether the character was created to consider the age Muhsin cheokjungyeong motif.

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