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After the declaration of an age to travel free bet Isiana wound malicious comments

Bet the same age to travel Isiana unveiled what had hurt the malicious comments.

The last 25 days the A-channel broadcasting 'to bet the same age travel in Hong Kong ", the announcer who Isiana, Seo Hyeonjin, Kim Juhui, Munjiae that was broadcast with a view to the Hong Kong Travel.


Day four men drinking beer in Hong Kong haetneundeyo talk about the malicious comments Isiana “After the pre-declared in the animated malicious comments”And confess “Rattling malicious daetseul one that I continue to see Dogo Looking back he cry”And tell the sadness aroused.


This is munjiae “I hate my face hadeora. Just a feeling that went away pours say that those who want to. Just transfers”He confessed.


Seohyun map “Good to see even malicious comments”Said he told mupeul rather sad attracted.


Meanwhile, in a broadcast day Isiana is haetneundeyo public a letter written by her husband gimjeonggeun

Isiana is “Nwatdeora put on the table”She said her husband took out a quasi write.


Following is Isiana haetneundeyo disclose this letter to Kim Juhui is munjiae “You're my husband what happened” Innovation “Jiae and sseupsseulhae”He said.



The Seo Hyeonjin told Kim Juhui “We have the most pitiful” Said in his solo, said the plight.

The same age to travel to the announcer Charlie Seo Hyeonjin is spreading in Hong Kong for 4 days and 3 nights, Isiana, Kim Juhui,4-part containing a travelogue of a trip munjiae Reality Program.

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